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Drinking Water Testing

  • Residential, Industrial & Government

Environmental Laboratory Services is certified to determine potability (safe for drinking) for property transactions and mortgages.

Our laboratory analysis is more accurate than home tests. We are able to provide very low detection limits and we have the ability to search for a large number of suspected pollutants including lead, nitrates, nitrites, organics, and pesticides as well as help to determine the cause and extent of water problems such as hardness and odors.

Drinking Water Systems

Advanced Water Products & Services, located at 7280 Caswell Street, install water treatment systems for residential, commercial and government agencies. Advanced Water Products & Services offers full analytical and technical support to our customers. They design and install water treatment system that are very competitively priced and will meet the health needs of your home and family.

Advanced Water Products & Services, 7280 Caswell Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212 – (315) 451-2233. For more information email:

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